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NekBreaker is Actually a total crazyness of Topnotch Genetics Crossed Together. NekBreaker, a Heavy Dominant Indica Strain is a result of a collaboration between Us and Tricoma Gold Genetix that will leave you totally Couch Lock; Neck Break.

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NekBreaker: After Years of crossing the best genetics, we are proud to announce His Highness The King, a Backross of the dopest Genetics :(JetFuel A X LemonSkunk) X( NYDiesel X Zkittlez X OZK)

NekBreaker is a high-THC cross between two US heavyweights: LemonJetFuel and Animal Zkittlez Cookies. Both are hybrids boasting exceptional potency, exotic aromas, and fast flowering times. Combining the best traits of both parents, our breeders created a powerhouse indica-dominant strain that delivers delicious buds with massive THC levels—and lots of them.

A creamy blend of flavours

Once dried and cured, NekBreaker aromas and flavours definitely live up to its enticing name, combining sweet, pastry-like notes with notable hints of sour, lightly acidic green lemons laced with earthy undertones. When inhaled, NekBreaker makes for an exceptionally fresh, sweet, and smooth smoke.

She packs a potent punch

The effects of this strain are true to those of a well-balanced hybrid. Expect an almost immediate rush to the head that’ll leave you uplifted, energetic, and elated. Meanwhile, as the mental high shifts and becomes more clear, positive, and focused, you’ll likely notice a subtle, relaxing physical buzz. With this in mind, NekBreaker is a great smoke to share with friends, or to include in your wake and bake regimen. Just remember to watch your dosing; with 25% THC, NekBreaker can easily overwhelm even experienced smokers


Grow Tips

If you’re an advanced grower, consider lollipopping and main-lining; given NekBreaker's vigorous growth and robust nature, it responds well to high-stress techniques, and can pay off with extra-heavy harvests. In optimal conditions, Apple Fritter can produce up to 650g/m² indoors after a flowering period of around 60–65 days. Outside, up to a Full Kilo plant is possible. Feel free to keep temperatures slightly cooler to accommodate this strain's preference for a mild climate, and keep an eye on RH to avoid moisture getting trapped in its dense canopy and buds.




26% THC / 1% CBD / 4% CBG



10% Sativa / 90% Indica


Genetic Background

(JetFuel A x Lemon Skunk) x (NY Diesel x Zkittlez x OZK)



Sweet Lemonade with an overdose of Vanilla Gummy Sugar Terpenes



Couch Lock, Neck Break


Yield Indoor / Outdoor

400 – 650 gr/m² / 800 – 1000 gr/plant

Height Indoor / Outdoor

60 – 170 cm / 150 – 200 cm


Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks


Harvest Month



Trichome Size

45 – 220 µ

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